About company

Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC) was established in accordance with Decree No.1188 of the Government of Kazakhstan dated 28 September 1996 ‘On some measures to restructure power system management in Kazakhstan’. The date of initial registration of KEGOC is 11 July 1997.

Until 2006, 100% of KEGOC shares had been owned by the government. In 2006, the government’s stock (100%) was transferred
to Samruk JSC (the Kazakhstan holding company for management of public assets) as a payment for the placed shares. In 2008, Samruk-Kazyna JSC (the sovereign wealth fund) was established through merger of Kazyna JSC (the sustainable development fund) and Samruk. Thus Samruk-Kazyna became a legal successor of Samruk.

On 18 December 2014 as part of the Programme for public offering of Samruk-Kazyna’s shares of affiliates and subsidiaries on the stock market, KEGOC placed 25,999,999 authorized ordinary shares on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange through subscription.

As on 31 December 2018, the Company had 260,000,000 authorised and placed ordinary shares including 234,000,001 shares (90% plus one share) belonging to Samruk-Kazyna, the major shareholder, 25,998,609 shares belonging to minority shareholders, and 1,390 shares repurchased by KEGOC.

Address: 59, Tauyelsizdik Ave., Almaty District, Z00T2D0, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.


Ensure reliable operation and effective development of Kazakhstan Unified Power System (UPS) in accordance with state-of-the-art technical, economic, environmental and occupational health-and-safety standards.


We are the company with advanced reliability and efficiency performance at the level of the world’s best companies. Our aim is to continuously increase the value for all stakeholders through the development of the National Power Grid using advanced technologies, providing conditions for realization of transit and export potential and fostering corporate social responsibility.

In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in electric power industry, KEGOC as the System Operator of the UPS of the Republic of Kazakhstan and as such it is engaged in the following core activities:

  • electricity transmission in the national power grid;
  • technical dispatching of electricity supply and consumption in the grid;
  • management of electricity production and consumption balancing.

The above-mentioned services in Kazakhstan is the area of a natural monopoly, which is why KEGOC’s operations shall be regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan ‘On natural monopolies’.

KEGOC operations cover the entire territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The structure of the Company includes 9 intersystem electric networks branches (MES branches) and the National Dispatch Centre of the System Operator branch (NDC SO).

KEGOC has subsidiaries: EnergoInform JSC and Financial Settlement Centre for Renewable Energy Sources Support LLP (FSC RES).

EnergoInform is engaged in maintenance of National Power Grid equipment and provide telecommunication support for the Company’s activities.

FSC RES LLP was established in 2013 to encourage investments in renewable energy sector and increase the share of renewable energy in the Kazakhstan energy mix through government-guaranteed and centralized electricity purchase from all renewable energy facilities (who have chosen such support scheme) in accordance with the fixed rates. More detailed information about subsidiaries is given in Appendix 1.

KEGOC also has a stake in Batys Transit JSC (20% of shares), the company established in November 2005 in accordance with decree No. 1008 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 7 October 2005 for implementation of the project the project for the construction of inter-regional power transmission line linking the North Kazakhstan with Aktobe oblast.

As on 31 December 2018, the MES branches of KEGOC have:

370 electricity transmission lines of 0.4 - 1 150 kV with the total length of 25,096.597 km (circuits), including:

  • 1 421.225 km of 1 150 kV OHTL;
  • 8 287.977 km of 500 kV OHTL;
  • 1 864.092 km of 330 kV OHTL;
  • 14,693.992 km of 220 kV OHTL;
  • 352.841 km of 110 kV OHTL;
  • 44.13 km of 35 kV OHTL;
  • 92.571 km of 10 kV OHTL;
  • 12.851 km of 6 kV OHTL;
  • 5.59 km of 0.4 kV OHTL.

78 electric substations of 35 - 1 150 kV with installed transformer capacity of 36,660.05 MVA:

  • 3 substations of 1,150 kV with total capacity of 9,384.1 MVA;
  • 18 substations of 500 kV with total capacity of 16,111.5 MVA;
  • 54 substations of 220 kV with total capacity of 11,136.25 MVA;
  • 1 substation of 110 kV with total capacity of 5 MVA;
  • 2 substations of 35 kV with total capacity of 23.2 MVA.

Equipment installed on KEGOC’s substations include:

  • 272 of 1,150-10 kV power transformers and autotransformers (including 8 owned by third parties);
  • 184 of 1,150-35 kV shunt reactors (including 9 owned by third parties);
  • 1,572 of 1,150-35 kV air-blast, oil, SF6, and vacuum circuit breakers (including 99 owned by third parties);
  • ­5,202 disconnectors of 35-1,150 kV (303 of them are on the balance sheet of third parties);
  • 1,583 units of 1,150-35 kV voltage transformers (including 64 owned by third parties);
  • 3,704 units of 1,150-35 kV current transformers (including 244 owned by third parties);
  • 111 storage batteries (including 2 owned by third parties);
  • 45 compressor units;
  • 116 devices and tools for the treatment of solid insulation and transformer oil;
  • 64,699 of relay protection and automation and emergency automation devices;
  • 31,861 metering devices.

Geography of Operations